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Five sports psychology lessons from golfing during Covid

Dr. Shannon Reece shows us how to use Covid-19 to our advantage in her sports psychology podcast, She Talks Birdie, and shares golf mental game tips.

Host Dr. Shannon Reece shares five takeaways from Covid-19 that still apply to your golf game today. From enhancing your focus to controlling your emotions to choosing the right mindset, the pandemic provides context that you can leverage to improve your game.

Choose from a variety of golf mental game tips that will resonate with you, even today. We have all that and more here, on Fairway to Green.


[4:35] Lesson #1: Social Distancing Enhances Focus

[7:20] Lesson #2: Make the Most of Every Moment

[9:52] Lesson #3: Your Emotions Won’t Control You If You Don’t Lose Control of Your Emotions

[13:43] Lesson #4: You Can Overcome Any Challenge With the Right Attitude

[15:19] Lesson #5: Change Is Good

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