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How Stephanie Gibri Became a Golf Influencer

Stephanie Gibri, who competed on Holey Moley, shares how to become a golf influencer.

Host Kelly Okun interviews golf influencer Stephanie Gibri after her TV debut on Holey Moley, an extreme mini golfing show. She was one of the first golfers to break into the Instagram game and now shares incredible golf travel content.

Did Gibri get to meet Steph Curry while filming Holey Moley? How did she find success as an influencer and content creator? We have all that and more here, on Fairway to Green.


[2:30] Utilizing Creativity in Golf

[3:30] Behind the Scenes: Holey Moley

[12:53] Did Gibri Get to Meet Steph Curry?

[14:06] How Holey Moley Impacted Gibri’s Career

[17:05] Inspiration Behind Golf Travel Instagram Content

[18:18] Importance of Golf and Culture

[25:00] Gibri’s Favorite Golf Trip and Charity Event

[28:05] What’s Next for Gibri?

[31:22] Bonus: Inside Scoop on Instagram Influencing

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