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Gain Distance Off the Tee With World Long Drive Champion

Going Pro With Kelly O. is Kelly Okun's golf podcast around women's professional golf and TV shows.

Host Kelly Okun interviews Alexis Belton, a World Long Drive champion. She decided to give long drive a try while still competing professionally. I can personally attest that Alexis can drive the green on par-4 holes because I was the group in front of her during one event.

Alexis shares how her preparation for World Long Drive is different than for a professional golf tournament. She also speaks to the cons of specializing in a sport too early and why it’s important to have a purpose behind your golf game when competing. We have all that and more here, on Fairway to Green.


[2:25] How to Train for World Long Drive

[3:30] When Should You Specialize in Golf?

[7:00] World Long Drive Highlights

[10:18] Building the Grids

[13:38] Which Driver Does Alexis Use?

[17:48] How Far Does Alexis Drive the Ball?

[20:22] Finding your Why in Golf

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