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Serial Golf TV Show Competitor Shares Thoughts on Speedgolf

Minami Levonowich has competed on 5 different golf TV shows, from Korea to Japan.

Host Kelly Okun interviews Minami Levonowich, known for her international golfing background and her appearance on 5 different golf TV shows. Though she competed on the Japan LPGA Tour, she competed on two different shows in Korea – Cinderella Story (their alternative to Big Break) and her first Speedgolf championship.

Hear how playing golf in the U.S. and Asia has given Minami a distinct advantage when competing. She also shares how speedgolf has impacted her professional career. We have all that and more here, on Fairway to Green.


[2:15] Thoughts on Attending a High School Golf Academy

[3:48] Qualifying for the Japan LPGA Tour

[6:35] Behind the Scenes: Cinderella Story

[9:52] Playing in Asia vs. U.S.

[17:15] Speedgolf: Beginner to Expert

[25:55] How Speedgolf Affects Minami’s Game

[31:20] What Is Minami Up to Now?

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