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The Canadian Ninjas: Ahead of Their Time in Fitness and Golf

Kyla Inaba and Eileen Kelly compete as the Canadian Ninjas on Golf Channel's Altered Course.

Host Kelly Okun interviews former competitors Kyla Inaba and Eileen Kelly. This college teammate duo compared on Golf Channel’s Altered Course in Jamaica under the team name “Canadian Ninjas.” 

Learn how these two professional golfers trained for a golf TV show they knew nothing about, and how they were ahead of the curve when it came to incorporating physical fitness into their golf games. We have all that and more here, on Fairway to Green.


[4:39] Growth of Golf and Fitness

[8:15] How Altered Course Influenced Their Golf Games

[11:47] Favorite Shots Hit on TV

[15:31] Behind-the-Scenes Filming Details

[22:00] How Gender Played a Role in the Competition

[26:00] Altered Course’s Impact on Golf Careers and Women’s Golf in Canada

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