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The Most Stylish Spring Pieces in Women’s Golf Apparel

Golf pro Nicole Budnik demonstrates her trendy, modern women's golf apparel style on the golf course.

In every sport, women athletes express their style and personality through what they wear and how it is displayed to the world. If the athlete feels good in what they are wearing, that confidence shines through and is seen on and off the playing field. Each golfer has their own style that makes them unique and confident on the course. 

As a professional golfer turned golf pro, my type of style is bright colors, something comfortable and color coordination. What type of style are you? What makes you confident on the golf course besides making birdies? Let’s look at the top styles that can be seen on the golf course this spring, so you can decide what type of style makes you confident on and off the course.

The Athleisure Look

First, let’s see what the younger generation of golfers finds popular. Recently, many young golfers have been sporting athletic fit attire. Some golf courses are still strict and old school with their dress code for ladies, while others have recently become more relaxed and are accepting shirts that either have sleeves or a collar. 

My athletic fit style pick for this spring would be Lululemon’s:

  • Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Polo in Glaze Pink
  • Swiftly Tech 2.0 Short Sleeve Shirt in Glaze Pink
  • Pace Rival Mid-Rise Long Skirt in Glaze Pink

I picked Glaze pink for all three because it is a bright spring color. 

The Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Polo is made with a more fitting, lightweight material that absorbs sweat to keep you cool. I love the Glaze Pink color, but there are other colors available as well. The price point is around $78-$88. 

If your course isn’t as strict on dress code, then the Swiftly Tech 2.0 is a good option, too. This shirt is made with the same material as the polo shirt except it doesn’t have a collar and the price is $68. The Swiftly Tech 2.0 is very popular among high school and college golfers. I am old school and prefer a collar, but I love the Swiftly 2.0 Tech shirt to work out in. 

The Pace Rival Mid-Rise Long Skirt is one of my favorite skirts to golf in. The price point is around $68, and there are usually a lot of color options available throughout the year. The long version of this skirt is a few inches longer than the original style. If you have long legs or like a little more length added, then this is the best option. I love the ruffle style on the back of this skirt, and the material is light, moisture absorbing and comfortable to golf in. 

The Seamless Lifestyle Transition Look

Next, let’s dive into another modern trend seen recently in the golf clothing market. Lifestyle clothing is attire that can be worn on and off the course and has increased in popularity, especially with millennials. 

We’ll be looking at pieces from the following brands:

  • Birdie and Ace
  • TravisMathew

Birdie and Ace Pick

My first pick for this Lifestyle or Modern Style trend is Birdie and Ace. This brand offers a golf and pickleball clothing line with a modernized style. Their Lily Polo in Peach Floral is cropped with a capped sleeve. The material is soft and breathable with a relaxed fit. The polo has a collar so you can wear it on the golf course, but casual so it can also be worn out to lunch or to run errands. This polo comes in many colors and the price is $85.

TravisMathew Picks

My second Lifestyle brand pick is TravisMathew. In early 2024, TravisMathew began offering a women’s line. Just like Birdie and Ace, they offer a mix between golf, pickleball and relaxed casual apparel. 

The first pick in this line is the MoveKnit Tie Short in Jade. This short is more relaxed for my style, but it achieves the modern lifestyle look. This short comes in three colors, and the price is $79.95. You can pair it with one of their polos or your own. 

Another good choice in this line is the Cloud Fleece Half Zip in Jade. I have this half zip in black and it is super cozy. It is cropped so it gives a more modern trendy look so you can wear it on the course or out on the town. The price for the half zip is $129.95 and is available in 9 other colors. I picked the color Jade for both pieces because it is a light soft color for the Spring. 

The Modern Look

The modernized trendy style has become very popular as well in recent years. Golf clothing keeps becoming more modernized, and a lot of golf brands are leaning away from solid and traditional designs. I found a few brands that are more modernized and trendier compared to the normal style golf outfit. 

Here are some top picks from this spring that highlight the trendy golfer:

  • G-Fore
  • J.Lindeberg
  • Golftini

G-Fore Picks

To start with, G-Fore is a brand that offers more trendy and higher price point golf clothing options. My first pick in their Spring line is the Contrast Embossed Logo Quarter Zip Tech Pique Polo. This polo is $130 and is made with 4-way stretch and a moisture-wicking, breathable fabric. This polo offers a more modernized look to a white polo. The blue pique around the collar and sleeves makes the shirt pop and give a trendier vibe. 

My second choice from G-Fore is the Limited Edition 2024 U.S. Open Silky Tech Nylon Zip Long Sleeve Polo, which is also $130. My favorite color is Twilight, and it matches with the Cherry Blossom Silky Tech Nylon Lined Skirt ($155). This shirt comes in 3 other colors and is unique with the U.S. Open patch custom embroidered on. The fabric is lightweight, silky, and keeps you cool. If you don’t mind spending more, both these options are super cute and offer a trendy and unique vibe.

J.Lindeberg Picks

Another modernized brand is J.Lindberg. This is a high-end trendy brand that has been sported by Nelly Korda in recent years. You will see an assortment of colors and shapes used in their line. They also have cute accessories to help complete each look. I picked a couple of trendy choices from J.Lindberg that I believe gives a trendy spring vibe. 

The first outfit is the Dena sleeveless top in wax yellow, paired with the Leopard Aruba Blue Pria Pant. The shirt is $85, with a 4-way stretch material. The collar is traditional and there is a 4-button hidden place. The pants are priced at $175 and are water repellent with a lightweight feel.

The second outfit is the Pipe Polo in JL Navy and paired with the Geo JL Navy Adina Print Skirt. The shirt is priced at $85 and is made with a 4-way stretch, fast-drying and water-repellent material for flexibility and coolness. It is OKEO-TECH certified and 100% polyester. The skirt is priced at $165. I like the trendy pattern on both the skirt and shirt.

Golftini Picks

Following along the trendy style route, most golf clothing brands have strayed away from the classical straight skirt look and added more over the top styled skirts. One newer brand that offers an assortment of fun colorful stylish skirts, is Golftini. I have not personally worn any skirts in this brand, but I’ve seen multiple women wear them. 

Looking at their spring collections, they have scalloped, straight and ruffle styles, in multiple colorful prints. I love bright colors and ruffled style skirts. There was not any specific skirt that I’d say was the best from their collection, but I found three that seemed colorful and spring-like: you have the Passport skort, the Gratitude skort and the Escape skort. The price point is higher at $115-$125 a skirt. 

This spring, add all the colorful options to your wardrobe and play like a pro. From Lululemon to Golftini, there’s a style for you.

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