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Lie + Loft combines love of golf and art

Luke Davis founded Lie + Loft, a golf art company, to bring a new perspective to the game.

Host Kelly Okun interviews founder Luke Davis about his company Lie + Loft. Davis shares the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and how his love of golf and the outdoors helped him succeed. His company illustrates your favorite golf courses in a variety of mediums.

Learn how to enjoy the not-so-small victories and best utilize visualization. We have all that and more here, on Fairway to Green.


[2:38] Overcoming Failure Through Sports

[4:35] Inspiration Behind Lie + Loft

[6:10] Sentimentality of Golf Courses

[7:50] Big Challenges in Entrepreneurship

[11:50] Not-so-small Victories

[15:30] What’s Next for Life + Loft

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