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Top 10 Reasons Your Mind Is Preventing You From Shooting Low Scores

Dr. Shannon Reece shares the top 10 tips for lowering your golf score through sports psychology.

Have you ever had a great round and then excitedly expected to repeat the experience only to be disappointed by a poor performance the next time? In this episode of She Talks Birdie, Dr. Shannon Reece challenges the common belief that faulty swing mechanics are to blame for inconsistent play and shares specific situations where your mind could actually be the culprit. 

With all these situations being so relatable, you’re sure to find some gems in here to lower your score.


[2:58] Situation #1: When the Driving Range Doesn’t Translate to the Golf Course

[4:58] Situation #2: Difficulty Sustaining Focus Throughout 18 Holes

[7:26] Situation #3: Learning to Stay Relaxed on “Game Day”

[8:58] Situation #4: Anxiety About Embarrassment When Playing with Others 

[10:39] Situation #5: Efforts to Steer Clear of Trouble on the Golf Course

[12:11] Situation #6: Confidence Shaken by Poor Shots or Bad Holes 

[14:38] Situation #7: Hoping for the Best but Waiting for the Round to Unfold 

[16:27] Situation #8: Remembering Mistakes More Easily After a Tough Round 

[18:25] Situation #9: Struggling to Stay Positive When Your Game Unravels 

[19:58] Situation #10: Rushing Due to Slow Players in Your Group 

[22:44] Summary of Top 10 Tips

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