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Co-founders leverage sports experience to launch LoopGolf

LoopGolf founders Thomas Reinholm and Matt Rum test out their golf betting cash app.

Host Kelly Okun debuts The Competitive Edge: Sports Shaping Business with an interview of Thomas Reinholm and Matt Rum, co-founders of their golf betting cash app LoopGolf. Reinholm and Rum share how their athletic backgrounds have helped them overcome entrepreneurial challenges.

 As a bonus, they share some mental game tips on how to make those money putts under pressure. We have all that and more here, on Fairway to Green.


[4:35] Life Lessons From Sports

[9:30] Golf Mindset and Entrepreneurship

[14:47] Navigating the Biggest Challenges

[20:56] Celebrating Small Victories

[23:17] Starting LoopGolf

[26:34] What’s Next for LoopGolf

[27:22] LoopGolf Overview

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