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Overcoming the Flop Wall Challenge on Golf Channel’s Big Break

Pro golfer Tessa Teachman competes on Golf Channel's Big Break Myrtle Beach 2014 season.

Host Kelly Okun debuts Going Pro With Kelly O. with Tessa Teachman, who shares the behind-the-scenes details around her dominating experience on Golf Channel’s Big Break Myrtle Beach. A professional golfer, alumna of LSU’s team and now a PGA Class A member, Teachman’s early wins made her a crowd favorite.

Hear how she balanced the filming and her golf; plus, how did she fare against the infamous Flop Wall Challenge? We have all that and more here, on Fairway to Green.


[1:36] Applying to Big Break

[4:00] Learning the Big Break Location

[4:55] What’s It Like Having a Stylist?

[7:00] Typical Day of Filming

[9:46] The Flop Wall Challenge

[13:05] Final Days of Competition

[19:06] Life and Travels as a Professional Golfer

[22:16] Where Is Tessa Teachman Now?

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